A Walk of Faith. A Walk of Love.


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This course is inspired by what Covid and the impact of the pandemic has had on all of us. More than anything it creates fear for our wellbeing. Whether we are talking finances and we have to confront personal loss of lifestyle and possibly having no where to live, or perhaps not enough food, or whether there is a loss of someone dear to you all of it, ALL OF IT means we need to adapt and allow change into our lives.

I can speak to fear on a few levels. One was when I was in my mid to late 20’s and I had an illness the doctors couldn’t help me with. They didn’t know what it was. I had anxiety that became agoraphobia. That was one part. I was constantly ill. It took 4 years of my life and another 6 to 8 years just to come to terms with what had happened. Through using the Accipio process I was healed.

More recently we (my brother and I) lost our business. Once to Amazon and the other to some BC fires. During this time we happened to be working on turning fear into love as a type of ‘walk about’ or pilgrimage over the past 6 years. Covid came during this time.

I am well acquainted with fear. But that is not the reason for this course. That is my background to this work we are doing in these sessions.

What is deeply true is that the Christian path, even the Buddhist paths, are about love. When you are fully grounded in some of these deep spiritual truths, fear has no hold on you. But we are not saints. So how to walk these paths?

Accipio allows you to understand your fear and what specifically, what personally this fear means to you. In seeing and understanding this, you have released it on many levels. What needs to be done is a walk of prayer or very specifically prayer. Because when you KNOW what is in your heart you can speak of it and give it to God. You have a place of passion in great clarity and that allows you the deepest access into the most sacred places in your heart and your prayer will most assuredly be answered!

Course Length: 24 hours (2 hours once a week for 12 weeks)


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