Accipio Level 2


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It becomes a part of you, how you look at the world, how you think. It is transformative.

After the Introduction to Accipio this would be your second course. What begins to happen is that the upbeat and freeing experiences of the 1st 6 weeks you want to continue it. That is a great thing because the work is cumulative and by that I mean that your work builds more energy exponentially. It is heart energy. It is life energy. In my experience it is best to continue to let the experiences grow you and build up. I have typically done retreats at specific times after these courses because that energy allows you to have profound, and I mean really profound spiritual awakenings and experiences. Because we all have this great soul, great energy at our core and a combination of our experiences that shaped us and our beliefs become something like limiting cages.

Once the cages are gone, what then? Wow the world is open to you! What do you want to do with your life?

I would so love to share with you so many understandings you will have, the perceptions, the differences. It is hard to give words to because words as we know them are usually limiting. For instance, seeing that you are the prayer. You are the gift. In awesomeness! But it takes steps for us to be able to accept the truth of these things. Also to get past a lot of negative social experiences around spiritual words that have been taken over to mean something less than special.

Course Length: 24 hours (2 hours once a week for 12 weeks)


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