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New Year’s Declarations are a lot like prayer cards but instead of making a prayer or sharing a prayer the focus is on your direction instead.

We need to discover your true intent to be able to set something out there that aligns with your deepest truths and heart. Something that is so you, so deeply a part of you that obstacles fall away. And if there are any difficulties that remain they are only there as necessary steps to gain strength, confidence or other gifts you need for your journey.

I like to think of it like a Mario game where the shortest route to a place is not always a straight line but rather a series of journeys you need to take to get everything you need to be successful. Like baking a cake. You need all the ingredients and you may have to stop at more than one store to make that cake!

So we look at what you want and why. That is the Accipio process. And from there we find simple and deeply meaningful words that enshrine your heart’s intention that makes it easier for you to remain connected throughout the year to your journey.

It is a blessing you ask for and give to yourself.

I’d like to add one more thing here. These declarations are set up along our already existing traditions of New Years. They are spaced one year apart of course being that they happen annually! But through the development of strength of heart that ability extends beyond 1 year to 2 years and eventually beyond even that. You can hold a focus for a child as they are growing up. You can learn to be miraculous in the way Jesus was. You can extend your hand to someone and help them too, walk on water. These are some of the beautiful gifts that are in the future of developing this deep focus.

Course Length: 4 – 5 hours (1 day) and 1/2 hr follow up if needed


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