Christmas Renewal


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Christmas Renewal really sums up this course! Whiteboard is so refreshing and heart opening and what better way to start a Christmas season with. Because the timing of this course is approaching and over Christmas it gives us a chance to think about where we want to go and what experiences we might want, not just over Christmas, but the new year arriving just around the corner.

The whiteboard builds momentum, energy, enthusiasm, joy and all this becomes translated into our Prayer Card / New Year’s Declaration session. This means that there is a build up of spiritual awareness and gifting. You hang your prayers around your house, on your tree and share it with your family. It brings people together and gives you an opportunity to honor the Christmas of your heart!

There are 2 weeks following Christmas and these sessions are for setting momentum for the new year and fully establishing yourself within your new perceptions as you go forward!

Whiteboard: 12 hours (2 hours once a week for 6weeks)

Prayer Cards or New Years’ Declaration: 4- 5 hours (1 afternoon)




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