Introduction to Accipio or Whiteboard Process


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Whiteboard work has two parts. It is a tool and there is what you use the tool for. Like either a telescope or microscope, if you look outward, you see your place in the universe and the story you are engaged in. If you look inward you understand yourself, your inner universe. That means you see what you believe, why you believe it and why your life is the way it is. The inner universe directs your life, like a rudder to a boat.

Accipio is latin and this process was named Accipio because it talks about knowing, by way of the mind. But it is also heart centred knowing too. Accipio means to receive or to accept, to bring in or to understand. This process was developed by Ellie or more correctly said, God inspired and has been used to not only heal herself but also many people who have taken this course/process to transform their lives and bringing peace and expansion.

A more detailed explanation of this work is that it uses emotion as a guide to highlight hidden inner conflicts and brings an alignment between your thinking and what you feel.

Feelings, or what we consider “bad” feelings are places where there is a conflict between what we want and what we think is right. So bad feelings could be guilt, sadness, shame, anger, angst… any number of things. Feelings are not bad any more than having pain that lets you know to take your hand off the stove! Feelings are a language and are communicating what is happening inside and also in your relationships around you. Anywhere there is a relationship, your feelings are a wealth of information.

Your heart. Well… your heart is worth more than gold!


Course Length: 12 hours (2 hours once a week for 6 weeks)


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