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Prayer cards have a wonderful story behind them. I had been asking what do the guides do for Christmas and do they celebrate it? I was told yes, they do and they shared that for them we are like Christmas trees. They say many special prayers for us that are like gifts to help us when we need it. These prayers are like pearls that shine around us, like Christmas ornaments on the tree. They surround us and are so beautiful to see! I was so inspired by this. I wish I could do this too! Each prayer is a gift that opens up when we best need it.

So this is the beginning of the prayer cards. We start with you deciding who you want to give a special prayer to for Christmas (and the year!) and then I use the whiteboard or Accipio process to help you go deep into the gift you have in your heart. We find words for it and what is so powerful about this is that the gift also becomes a gift to you as well. How? In most instances people are unaware of the gifts that they are! So when you want to give something from the place of your spiritual and inner riches you do so with complete love! It is heartfelt, simple and easy for you. You become connected with the depth of your love and gratitude in ways you never knew.

Using the Whiteboard or Accipio Process we look into your story and your inner prayer. Prayer is such a funny word as we often don’t understand how we walk in these heartfelt places all the time. We ARE the prayer of our hearts. But I am getting ahead of myself. That would be your spiritual discovery! Done in group settings are the absolute best because when we share our gifts in this manner all kinds of understanding and love is shared. It is truly a spiritual feast!

Put aside 4 hours for this session. Sometimes it will go to 5 hours and this depends on the participants. If needed I will call you later if you wanted to finish your prayer if we had not been able to completely write it out as time goes by fast!

Course Length: 4 – 5 hours (1 day) and 1/2 hr follow up if needed


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